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Obstruction Island Club

Obstruction Island is one of the San Juan Islands in San Juan County, Washington, United States. It lies off the southeast tip of Orcas Island, between it and Blakely Island. The 216 acre island is divided into forty-eight waterfront lots around a seventy acre common land. There is no public access to the private island. 

Obstruction Island westside looks out over the convergence of Lopez Sound with Peavine Pass and Obstruction Pass and north up Eastsound. Beyond are Lopez, Shaw, and Orcas Islands. The southeast shoreline fronts on Peavine Pass with views of Blakely Island, Rosario Strait, and Cypress Island. The north shore lies along Obstruction Pass with Orcas, Rosario Strait, Sinclair and Lummi Islands in sight, and on the eastern horizon, Mt. Baker and the North Cascades.